Versatile Entrepreneur

Becoming a Versatile Entrepreneur…

As an ex-athlete I see a big correlation between the mindset of an entrepreneur and an athlete. That is why I call myself a "Versatile Entrepreneur".

what i do

Inspiring others to follow their dreams and use all their talents is what I love to do.

I host events, moderate debates and I prepare and present TV shows. I use the languages I actively speak with a native level (Dutch, French, English) and those I understand (German, Spanish, Italian) to be a valuable chain to take my customers and their business to a higher and more professional level.

Being a business leader myself I know what it is to motivate and inspire teams, to create value and to be agile and always stay creative. The helicopter view I have as an entrepreneur helps me to ask the right questions during interviews.

… because to get the right answers it is essential to ask the right questions.

My Versatile Entrepreneur Project is under construction. Soon more here.

TV Presenter

Working for the Belgian Business TV Channels “Kanaal Z” (Dutch) and “Canal Z” (French), I get the chance to do the journalistic guidance, some production assistance as well as the presentation of different shows.

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Host & Moderator

As a host, presenter & moderator on an event, I find it very important to follow the instructions and wishes of my customer. The client always has an objective or target with the event, as an energetic chameleon I make sure to adapt to make the show look as they imagined.

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Female Entrepreneur

Leading an international business with my partner makes me agile and flexible in today’s digital era. I love to work with a diverse and creative team that is capable to.

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Pitch Coach

Coming up with good ideas is hard enough, but convincing others to do something with them is much harder. By definition, the application of an idea means that something different will take place in the universe.

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Inspirational Keynote Speaker

For me the point of a keynote speaker is to change the minds of a group of people, to persuade them of something they hadn’t seen, known, or believed before. During the short moment on stage the speaker should become a temporary tribal leader who can move an audience to action.

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Since I was a very young child I loved reading. I dreamed about writing a book myself one day. After some years of blogging it was time for the real stuff, a book was born on 22/02/2022.

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From My Gallery

Het ouderlijk vruchtgebruik-Notaristips-click on the picture to watch the movie
Womenomics-“Diversiteit maakt deel uit van ons DNA”-click on the picture to view video
Astuce de notaire-Immobilier-click on image to view the video
Chief Digital Officer Awards -click on the picture to watch the movie
Fespa Awards 2018/Berlin-click on the picture and watch the video
Entreprendre-Canal Z-click on the picture to view video

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