Why I do what I do?

Authentic and inspiring leaders should just simply stand up, without fear, go for the change the society of today and even more tomorrow.

A society where disruption is behind every corner and borders disappear, we should see this as an advantage and trust in the digital transformation as an opportunity for growth and more personal contact between individuals again.

We need to trust in co-creation and honestly open our network to others, not because we expect something in return, but just to share knowledge, to grow and help others grow.

I am very interested and inspired in the Digital Transformation and Disruption. My typical management style stands for intrapreneurship within my teams. I love helping others to dare to go for their own talents, both personal and professional. I am convinced that networking is part of the game.

I am able to structure my ideas and those of others, make them think outside of the box, be creative stay agile and understand that those who are open to change will be the winners in nature.

Why is this important to me?

As a trained Project Manager I believe every project stands or falls with the people on the project and the way they communicate with each other as stakeholders.

In order to get the right answers it is essential to ask the right questions.