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Réflexions du vendredi de Suyin

Chaque vendredi, je partage mes pensées dans mon blog hebdomadaire (en anglais) avant de plonger dans le week-end. Des choses qui m'ont touchées, des choses que j'ai apprises, des personnes que j'ai rencontrées, des défis que j'ai relevés, des opportunités que je vois, des rêves que j'essaie de décrire.

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What do you think when I tell you that as entrepreneurs we need to be versatile enough to navigate the complexities?It is something that has been proven to be even more important than I thought when I first started as a partner in the company my husband founded almost 30 years ago.I really thought that […]

Dec 1 2023
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Black Friday

I cannot believe my mailbox and my timelines: it is Black Friday all over. This becomes more present year after year. Habits from the States are more and more coming our way, when I was young no way we had Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday…I only remember presents for St Valentine & St Nicolas. I can […]

Nov 24 2023
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A long time ago, when I was in my last year of high school, I had a teacher for morals, who combined his job as a teacher with a job as a journalist. Reporting about the Gulf War.  I was very much inspired by this young teacher and the way he shared about his job […]

Nov 17 2023
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I am finalizing a new project, exciting but also challenging as I was getting feedback from some people this week.  I feel so grateful for the feedback I already got. When something you put a lot of effort into seems to please and touch people that is very important for me.  I feel happy to […]

Nov 10 2023
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There’s an old saying: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” When we’re in constant competition with others, we overlook our own progress and potential. I used to compare myself all the time as a dancer, because it was a constant quest of being the best, because contracts were limited. Afterwards as an actress it was […]

Nov 3 2023
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In this blog article I do not want to talk about being patient when you link this word with the idea of time. I want to talk about the feeling of being a patient when you relate it to healthcare. I was the moderator of a 2 days conference in Paris on Innovation in Healthcare that made […]

Oct 27 2023
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Taking time

I had a very busy week with many events, so I heard many speakers sharing interesting ideas. One speaker talked about time, how important it is to take the time, and how you have to learn to be patient for the outcomes of some projects as the success will not come overnight. Patience is not […]

Oct 20 2023
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What always strikes me is when you work on projects, or in a company with ex- athletes or people that have a sport education, that they are very ambitious and have a hard time accepting their mistakes.  It is something that I recognize a lot, being a perfectionist myself. But when you are an athlete […]

Oct 13 2023
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