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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog. Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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Do you want a love story or a life story ?

When Annemieke Dubois asked me if I was interested in reading her book: Relational Intelligence. I have to admit I was very curious. Knowing that she is the owner of Jade & Jules, a company that combines a professional, tailor-made personal matchmaking approach with an extensive, elite network of singles. I have not been single […]

Jun 17 2022
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Cake and wine

A networker is not always a creative generalist. A creative generalist is not always a networker. Both networkers and creative generalist are an added value in your organisation or your project team. If we want to work towards an inclusive and innovative world we need people able to build bridges, people with a helicopter view. […]

Jun 10 2022
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The Success Story of the Swiss Army Knife

I sometimes get the question in interviews what being successful means to me. That remains a difficult question, because in the end success can be anything. I am convinced that we are largely responsible for our own success and the heeling of happiness that might bring us. Once we understand that, the whole world is […]

Jun 3 2022
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Pieces of a puzzle

In a way I love puzzles, but I hate them as much. Because the pieces all are made in a way they can only have one place in the total image. It is always a big challenge for my patience. I do not feel like a piece of the puzzle myself. Which used to make […]

May 27 2022
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Leadership and wine

I am convinced that authentic leaders inspire above all by who they are more than by what they do. Leadership should be something that is aging like fine wine. A real leader understands that the most important thing to work on is on how he grows himself or herself. It is not about the growth […]

May 19 2022
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As an entrepreneur I am convinced that networking should be part of our agendas, for us as leaders but also for all the members in our teams. I  am convinced networking should be done both inside the company as well as outside the company.  But networking should not become the game, it should be part […]

May 13 2022
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I remember as if it was yesterday that my teacher morals talked about his other job in class : he had been a journalist in the Gulf War. His stories were breathtaking. I think he gave me the dream of becoming a journalist. He was a young and good looking teacher with in my eyes […]

May 6 2022
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Ambitious Ayla

Very often I think about Ayla, a little girl I met about 3 years ago in the Atlas. The way the sparkle in her eyes made me realize she will never ever surrender. She made me believe that some little girls are very ambitious from a very young age on. I really felt very close […]

Apr 29 2022
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