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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog (in English). Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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In my new book “10 Quintessential Questions” I also asked my guests whether entrepreneurship can be taught. During the book launch this week Wim De Vilder asked me if all my interviewees agreed on this question?  No, the ideas my guests shared with me have been very different and very interesting (you can read them […]

Mar 22 2024
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Yesterday at an event I was hosting I heard a very nice keynote from Wim Wuyts. I loved this quote from Jules Goddard: “you don’t want to look back on your life and conclude that you complied”. How much this is true, how much this resonates with the 9th questions in my book ‘10 Quintessential […]

Mar 15 2024
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Too win you need to learn how to lose

My loss today feels like a defeat that echoes audition days when I still was a dancer. In the unpredictable journey of entrepreneurship, there are moments that resonate with the echoes of past endeavors.  Today, I faced a setback, I lost a game in the pursuit of becoming the best entrepreneur for the region where our […]

Mar 8 2024
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Energy is giving and taking

When people wonder and ask me how I get the energy to do what I do and how to manage to navigate the currents of life, I think it is about many things but these three fundamental sources are important for sure. Firstly, it’s about the company we keep. Surround yourself with individuals who infuse […]

Mar 1 2024
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The birth of a book

Today, I want to share the symphony of emotions I had because I received little videos from my publisher from the printing of my book. As an ex dancer I still have something with rhythm and sometimes I even hear music in certain sounds. Observing the synchronized dance of the printing machines felt like witnessing […]

Feb 23 2024
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I was invited by Aniana who wrote a beautiful book that she gifted me 2 years ago. A book that touched me deeply. Aniana was asked to give a talk on Monday in the beautiful women’s club The Nine in Brussels. The title of her talk was “Breaking free-Self Love as the key to bliss […]

Feb 16 2024
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This week I had the chance to moderate some interesting panels. One of the speakers said something very relevant: the interpretation of data is the new gold. In the rapidly evolving landscape of data-driven decision-making, the art of asking precise questions becomes more and more important for extracting valuable insights. As we navigate this era […]

Feb 9 2024
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A new month has started! February, the month my new book will be published. This year is a leap year so I selected a special date for the launch: 29th February. Publishing a book comes with many negotiations, and when you say negotiate we say asking questions. This book is about asking the right questions.  […]

Feb 2 2024
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