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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog. Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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An interesting question

This week in the car coming back from a hockey camp with the girls I asked them what they would chose as a study in case we get a phone call that they could go to University earlier than foreseen, so at the age of 13 and 14. The oldest one immediately said Biology and […]

Apr 16 2021
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Convention Impressario

Convention what? Yes indeed this was my title today and it will be tomorrow. Because the Conference I am moderating is the first European Innovation in Speaking Convention, where nothing is as it was before. So instead of the regular MC, Moderator, Host, I got a new name. It is an honor to be in […]

Apr 9 2021
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The Voice of silence

During our ClubHouse room this Friday afternoon Dominique gave me a challenge (taking the tittle of our room “Challenging Thoughts “ very serious 🙂 “Connecting with someone through our voice?”  (and she shared some more good ideas to write a blog about and options to link many ideas we talked about, but I will keep […]

Apr 2 2021
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A Role Model

I was in a talk about the law of attraction this week hosted by 2 fantastic Dutch ladies where I shared my idea on role models. I talked about the same topic during my interview with Murielle Marie yesterday, so I thought let’s make it today’s blog. I think a role model should be picked […]

Mar 26 2021
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Emptiness was the feeling I had some weeks ago at night. I thought it was because I was training intensively throughout the whole week and weekend and maybe a bit tired of some days of intensive work (maybe also had too much wine the night before) It felt indeed like a hangover but I would […]

Mar 19 2021
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Winning mindset

I just finished watching the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. I was watching while I was training indoor on my bike. I really love the series, beautiful setting, amazing photography, great acting and what a scenario. But most of all it is the theme that intrigues me a lot. Winning. Where does it comes from that […]

Mar 12 2021
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The loop from the end to start

Very interesting experiment I did last weekend, instead of starting my mountain bike tour in the usual direction we did it the other way around. Very strange how this gives you a whole other perspective of the exact same roads. You discover things you have never seen before. That is also why I like to […]

Mar 5 2021
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We cannot de-invent things

I was in a very inspiring Clubhouse room earlier this week hosted by Roland Legrand, Journalist at De Tijd with Jonathan Berte founder of Robovison.ai as his guest. The main topic was AI and whether we will continue to need humans for certain jobs or would AI take over. Jonathan is someone I already follow […]

Feb 26 2021
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