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Suyin’s Friday Thoughts

Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog. Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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Random Thoughts and Ideas

I wonder sometimes whether our random thoughts and ideas are really random. Or is it our heart and the universe talking to us. Where does the burning desire come from when you feel that positive emotion you want to do something? Is it something completely out of the blue or is it the flow of […]

Jan 20 2023
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It is in details

Dogs fighting for a left over piece of food while the black pigs are watching them.  The pungent odor of mothballs, curry in all colors, drivers that didn’t shower for a while. The smell, I will always remember the smell of India. Radiant colors of Sari’s, real and fake flowers, skin in all possible varieties, […]

Jan 13 2023
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Sparkling Evolution

A new year has started. January is that month of the year to look ahead, to make some professional and some personal goals. I will dream bigger again this year than I did last year. I remember the time I went for resolutions, this year I will go for evolution, from good to great. Whether […]

Jan 6 2023
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An Epic Designer

It was at a book presentation of my own book that Jan Van Caneghem gave me his freshly printed book: ‘The book that helps you become the epic designer of our tomorrows. I must say I agree with the subtitle: a book that everyone needs to read. I had so much fun reading the book […]

Dec 30 2022
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The Unbosser

Last week I was hosting an event with a speaker who talked about her new journey as a CEO, becoming a company without bosses. How cool that sounds right? It was an authentic presentation and one of the first things she did as a CEO was make a profile of herself showing her vulnerability, stating […]

Dec 23 2022
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Personal growth

Earlier this week one of my mentees shared with me that she was not satisfied about her performance at an event she participated in. She asked me if I ever have had the same feeling not to be fully proud of what I did. I told her that I had that feeling before, on occasions […]

Dec 16 2022
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The value of interruptions

It was Hilde Helsen that sent me the link to episode 60 of Simon Sinek’s great podcast “a bit of optimism’. When she listened to the podcast it made her think of some ideas we shared in “Time for the creative generalist” the book that we published about 6 months ago. (only available in dutch) […]

Dec 9 2022
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Female & Male Leadership

The question I continue asking myself is whether female leadership differs from male leadership? Again I was thinking about this today. I was the moderator of 2 panels in one day with leaders in finance this week. Completely different setting and different panels. I must say that I continue believing that leadership is not about […]

Dec 2 2022
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