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Réflexions du vendredi de Suyin

Chaque vendredi, je partage mes pensées dans mon blog hebdomadaire (en anglais) avant de plonger dans le week-end. Des choses qui m'ont touchées, des choses que j'ai apprises, des personnes que j'ai rencontrées, des défis que j'ai relevés, des opportunités que je vois, des rêves que j'essaie de décrire.

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I believe we’re not just along for the ride in shaping the future—it’s something we actively create every single day.  Running a company adds an extra layer of challenge to this. We have to weigh up the opportunities and risks. Looking a year ahead might seem impossible, especially when day-to-day business can be so demanding. […]

Apr 19 2024
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Fear and panic

Some weeks ago I had the chance to be at the Sopernova conference. The closing keynote for Charlie Duke was very impressive, it felt impossible that this energetic man had the age he has. He talked about many things linked to his experiences on the moon and you could feel even in the back row […]

Apr 12 2024
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Are you happy?

When I was doing the interviews last spring for my book “10 Quintessential Questions” one of the questions was about success. What did it mean to my interviewees? In many conversations this brought me also to discuss happiness. Defining success is not easy, very personal and also depending on your educational background and culture. Defining […]

Apr 5 2024
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That Minority

I cannot believe that I have been blogging since March 27 2018…that’s 6 years already, that is many articles, many thoughts..I was thinking about a blog I wrote years ago after I heard a podcast with Oprah Winfrey wo said she was happy to do what she did because she was part of the right […]

Mar 29 2024
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In my new book “10 Quintessential Questions” I also asked my guests whether entrepreneurship can be taught. During the book launch this week Wim De Vilder asked me if all my interviewees agreed on this question?  No, the ideas my guests shared with me have been very different and very interesting (you can read them […]

Mar 22 2024
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Yesterday at an event I was hosting I heard a very nice keynote from Wim Wuyts. I loved this quote from Jules Goddard: “you don’t want to look back on your life and conclude that you complied”. How much this is true, how much this resonates with the 9th questions in my book ‘10 Quintessential […]

Mar 15 2024
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Too win you need to learn how to lose

My loss today feels like a defeat that echoes audition days when I still was a dancer. In the unpredictable journey of entrepreneurship, there are moments that resonate with the echoes of past endeavors.  Today, I faced a setback, I lost a game in the pursuit of becoming the best entrepreneur for the region where our […]

Mar 8 2024
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Energy is giving and taking

When people wonder and ask me how I get the energy to do what I do and how to manage to navigate the currents of life, I think it is about many things but these three fundamental sources are important for sure. Firstly, it’s about the company we keep. Surround yourself with individuals who infuse […]

Mar 1 2024
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