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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog. Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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The escape

Last week I was on a trip with 25 other women in Marrakech. We had so much fun and we were overwhelmed with the beauty, the differences and all the other impressions from the Medina to the Atlas mountains. Dancing around an Iphone, eating Tajine, women visiting our fantastic apartment in the desert while I […]

Oct 7 2022
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The better version

Being a better version of yourself will not happen after 1 night sleep. I try to focus on consistency and frequency, rather than intensity and allow new habits to slowly become a natural part of my being. You can’t be a writer, if you don’t write. You can’t be a cook, if you never cook. […]

Sep 30 2022
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Make equality reality

On September 9, 2022  The Nine celebrated her first anniversary. Georgio Brooks asked me to open the evening with a speech about making equality a reality, the theme of the party. These are the thoughts I shared “What beautiful crowd gathered in this exclusively beautiful place in the heart of Brussels, the heart of Europe. […]

Sep 23 2022
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Stick to your story

We all have a vision for our perfect future and we all believe our story is the truth. However I suppose we all know (and agree) that the world as we see it is a personal view. We all experienced how in a seemingly same situation you share with other people, we all remember different things, […]

Sep 16 2022
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I do think the real peace of mind is when you have enough money and not too much so you never should worry about money anymore. The first one telling me this was a very successful entrepreneur (and ex boyfriend let me be honest). He was born in a poor family and at first he […]

Sep 9 2022
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At the beginning of this  week I attended an interview with Satish Kumar in the business club where I am a happy member. My friend and CEO of the club Isabel Casteleyn introduced this incredible person with sparks in her eyes, so I was already on the happy wave seeing her shine. It is quite […]

Sep 2 2022
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The best spot in the beach bar

In the beginning of the week I decided to go back to the beach bar we went to during the weekend, where I spotted a lovely older couple having a drink and I was wondering what kind of life these people would have. I love watching people and often I like to listen to the […]

Aug 26 2022
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Deciding not to be perfect

I suppose most of us agree that perfection is an illusion. What feels perfect to me might feel far from ok for someone else. As a dancer we are taught in ballet to always strive for perfection. In modern dance I remember we were pushed to ‘feel’ and make feelings visual through movement. The mix […]

Aug 19 2022
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