Wat ik denk!

Suyin's vrijdag-gedachten

Elke vrijdag, voor ik het weekend induik, deel ik mijn gedachten in mijn wekelijkse blog (in het Engels). Dingen die me geraakt hebben, dingen die ik geleerd heb, mensen die ik ontmoet heb, uitdagingen die ik tegenkom, kansen die ik zie, dromen die ik onder woorden probeer te brengen.

Meld je aan voor mijn nieuwsbrief om op de hoogte te blijven van mijn levenswandel.

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Unfortunately, we can’t always control the outcomes of our efforts. We better prepare ourselves for the possibility of failure. I think I really understood this way of working during my studies as a project manager. It helped me to temper my everlasting perfectionism, the way my character is, but what I also learned as a […]

Oct 6 2023
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A voice breaking the silence

Personally I fell in love with being in front of the camera many years ago. To be honest it was during the selection of Miss Belgium. I am lucky to have a face that “works” on camera or at least that is what I have been told at a very young age already. Getting to […]

Sep 29 2023
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Active listing is an undervalued skill — and it’s more than just good manners. Focusing your full attention on the conversation can create a more pleasant, productive experience for everyone involved. I also believe that in every conversation the right questions are that important, that is why I challenge myself as an interviewer, a moderator, a public […]

Sep 22 2023
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Most of the time when I write things it is within a certain given context and mostly also with a deadline given by the customer. My blog is a weekly personal text without any context, not even a real deadline, what would happen when I would not post?  When there is no context, no framing, […]

Sep 15 2023
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I honestly think the word mediocracy sounds nice.  Funny how some words sound nice but the meaning is more pejorative than the sound of the word. I remember feeling mediocre before, as I was quite good at different things being young, so I believed I was probably mediocre. It is not because you have a […]

Sep 8 2023
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Improvising is better with a plan

Making a plan is more than throwing some tasks on a list and calling it a day. You need to understand your bigger picture. It is not only about planning the work but more important is getting the work done with an exquisite quality in mind. But what is the quality you want? I always […]

Sep 1 2023
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I was listening to an interview at the end of June from Simon Sinek with Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia. I liked what the co-founder of the Encyclopedia was sharing about how information was power, about trust, fake news, the danger of social media and more. So I thought maybe I need to make a Wikipedia […]

Aug 25 2023
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Fake it till you make it, should have some limits, especially in these times of social media, where it is so easy to fool people with a fake life. Curiosity however should not have limits in my opinion. I have always been the curious kind and I try not to go look for confirmation on […]

Aug 18 2023
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