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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog (in English). Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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The birth of a book

Today, I want to share the symphony of emotions I had because I received little videos from my publisher from the printing of my book. As an ex dancer I still have something with rhythm and sometimes I even hear music in certain sounds. Observing the synchronized dance of the printing machines felt like witnessing […]

Feb 23 2024
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I was invited by Aniana who wrote a beautiful book that she gifted me 2 years ago. A book that touched me deeply. Aniana was asked to give a talk on Monday in the beautiful women’s club The Nine in Brussels. The title of her talk was “Breaking free-Self Love as the key to bliss […]

Feb 16 2024
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This week I had the chance to moderate some interesting panels. One of the speakers said something very relevant: the interpretation of data is the new gold. In the rapidly evolving landscape of data-driven decision-making, the art of asking precise questions becomes more and more important for extracting valuable insights. As we navigate this era […]

Feb 9 2024
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A new month has started! February, the month my new book will be published. This year is a leap year so I selected a special date for the launch: 29th February. Publishing a book comes with many negotiations, and when you say negotiate we say asking questions. This book is about asking the right questions.  […]

Feb 2 2024
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A path to inclusive progress

Yesterday, I was at the book launch of a friend of mine who shares her own story through the eyes and feelings of a character, as this book, her second book, is a novel this time. After an amazing performance as that is what the launch was, with parts out of the book put on […]

Jan 26 2024
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Beyond the spotlight

I started my career as someone who navigated the stage as both a dancer and actress. I have been back on stage and in front of cameras for about 10 years now, but not to play a role, but to be myself, as a host, moderator, interviewer or something in between.I feel that when you […]

Jan 19 2024
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As a moderator and interviewer passionate about meaningful discourse, I am excited about the possibilities that Belgium’s EU Presidency brings. By posing pertinent questions, facilitating dialogues, and spotlighting initiatives, I am sure that we can collectively contribute to a Europe that embraces diversity, thrives on collaboration, and works tirelessly towards a future defined by peace […]

Jan 12 2024
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Elevator pitch

Not so long ago when I was signing books at an event (my first book about multipotentialite) somebody asked me a very good question: how can we best introduce ourselves as a generalist and when we combine things when we are at a networking event? It is for sure that when you often go to […]

Jan 5 2024
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