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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog. Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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Opening doors

It was very nice to be asked in the panel of “Superstars” during the bootcamp of the new cohort that began at Start it Accelerate @KBC in the middle of the week. It was nice to talk about my role as a mentor, especially being beside a mentee I am very proud of. I am actually […]

Mar 17 2023
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It was an excellent day, very full and inspiring.  A new and exciting project got more concrete in the morning during a first brainstorm. I was invited by a dear friend to an AI lab in the afternoon and as a moderator I had the honor of asking questions to female species tonight.  I do […]

Mar 10 2023
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The script

I have had many ‘professions’ in this first part of my life. They call my species a multipotentialite, is what I was told some years ago, and last year I wrote a book about my ‘species’. As an actress in a series the script writers have put my character in certain situations that asked for […]

Mar 4 2023
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Willpower is not about power, it is about consistency.  Other people may help us to get motivated, but only discipline will do the real trick. I have the feeling we are responsible for our own motivation, it is good to have coaches around us but the real change can only happen when you want the […]

Feb 24 2023
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To blog or not to blog

It has been almost 5 years since I started blogging. At first it was because I wanted to have new content on my website on a regular basis. I actually never made a plan for what I would write about. As time went by I realized that putting words down on paper help me process […]

Feb 17 2023
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I was happy to be the guest again in a podcast today. We talked about many things but the main question of the podcast was creativity. Some people think creativity is something they cannot use or show in their professional life. Why are some people able to earn money with their creative part and others […]

Feb 10 2023
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Bang, it has been a while, but there it was again that punch in the face! Not my face, but my ego-s face. Me and my ego, we have a special bonding. We have this love and hate relationship that you know from bad netflix series. Sometimes I wonder if I need to take care […]

Feb 3 2023
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Change Perspective

This week I have the feeling everybody is talking about Chat GPT. We are so predictable right? Journalists, bloggers, influencers, … It made me think about the time I was dreaming about a car talking with me during long trips. I was in my mid twenties and obviously very proud with my driver’s license and […]

Jan 27 2023
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