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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog. Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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The Olympic Thought

I stopped working for a while today as I really wanted to see the flame getting lighted again. The Olympic Flame. Since I was a child this event makes me dream away. I am so happy for those that were able to be there before and for those who are there now. Especially the Athletes […]

Jul 23 2021
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A new project

This morning the first thing that I thought about was the new project ahead. Very exited and also a bit worried in how we will be coping with the time we have, or at least the time we give ourselves to make this to a success. Project management will be key, but I am sure […]

Jul 16 2021
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Shifting up a gear

For the past 4 months I have been training quite intensively, however I think I will shift up a gear. At the moment being on holidays we have been doing some heavy technical tracks with a fantastic guide. As everything I start, I want to be proud of what I did. I think I will […]

Jul 9 2021
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The ball

In about an hour our Belgian Red Devils start their game. I start to like this hectic pressure that you feel raising in our tiny country for a sport I was not following before. And then I wonder does luck play a role in success, whether it is in sports or in business. Sometimes the […]

Jul 2 2021
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Power of co-creation

Some might use the word co-creation because it is a buzz word. However it is not the first time that I can see the power of co-creation in a project. The powerful answers one can come up with when you go in interaction with someone else. When you do not go for a consensus but […]

Jun 25 2021
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Never Surrender

It was a special birthday this year as I started my day with a condition test at 9 in the morning, after 4 months of relatively intensive training it was time to find out where I was on the curve. As maybe some of you might now I said yes to participate in some breathtaking […]

Jun 18 2021
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When the train leaves

I remember the feeling I had when I took the train in Geneva to go to Lausanne. I was very young and on my way to audition for Béjart Ballet Lausanne. Doing this was a dream come true. Proud of myself I had the guts: I was really going to meet this great choreographer and […]

Jun 11 2021
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Last month was one of many important decisions both for me as for the daughters. After taking the decisions to take a dog in April, some other important ones were taken for the future. Next step now is to act on the decisions. What I also find important is that after a while, a predetermined […]

Jun 4 2021
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