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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog. Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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Reading the game

When I watch a hockey game of my girls I am always impressed how you can see the difference between players. The way they are athletically looking and running on the field, the technical skills are very different from one player to the other. The eager to win, the team spirit, the communication on the […]

Oct 22 2021
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Whether we are born as good communicators or not, it should be part of our education. I am also convinced that we need to constantly evaluate our communication skills. We can all learn to communicate better based upon the situations we are in. The most important thing is to listen more, value others and respond […]

Oct 15 2021
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I wrote a blog some time ago about the fact that Oprah Winfrey says that she was lucky to be part of the right minority when she first came on TV, if not she would have never got the job that brought her this amazing career. This week I talked to a white middle aged […]

Oct 8 2021
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Wanted: Energy boost!

Help! I really went to bed far too late yesterday night. Always tricky to dive into mails after a presentation job that finishes late. But after a walk with the dog this morning and a training with that merciless personal coach of mine I think I am going to make sure I get some things […]

Oct 1 2021
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What do you eat first?

How do you make your agenda? Do you even make your own agenda or do you live in the rhythm that works for others but maybe not for you? What do you eat first? The thing you love the most or do you keep the best for last, with the risk that your eyes were […]

Sep 24 2021
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Not an easy decision

For months I was training for that challenge, a tough one, but when you want something and you are disciplined things work out is what I learned as a dancer. My endurance got better, technically I was also starting to be able to do things that were not that easy. I started to believe I […]

Sep 17 2021
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One of the things I find very important when I moderate or interview is to be present in the discussion or talk myself with my head but also with my heart and my emotions. Which very often mean that I also think about helping people to feel more relax even with a lot of people […]

Sep 10 2021
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A good lie can become the truth

I was watching another episode of The Playbook on Netflix, this time with Patrick Mouratoglou, who is Serena Williams coach and some other amazing tennis players. I loved one of his rules : “A good lie can become the truth”. He says to push someone and to give them more confidence you need to sometimes […]

Sep 3 2021
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