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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog. Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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I think we have a common misconception that attractiveness is only defined by someone’s looks. Isn’t it more the personality that defines whether you find someone attractive? Or let me put it this way, the idea of beauty isn’t one-dimensional, but instead has many different layers to it. I think someone with fantastic looks is […]

Dec 3 2021
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I think we all doubt from time to time. About many things, small things but also about life changing decisions we make. I am convinced that when we want to achieve a specific goal we can really do so, as long as we do not start doubting when we realize the ride to do something […]

Nov 26 2021
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Proud but scared

A special moment today. When something you dream about since a very long team becomes reality it also feels a bit scary. When you hope this will be a huge success but than you think: wow what if this really happens, what if this turns out to be a victory? Will I be able to […]

Nov 19 2021
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I think I can say I am resilient, maybe I was born like this or I became resilient because of the way I reacted and reflected on things happening throughout my life so far. One of the things I learned is that my thoughts and feelings can play tricks on me in times of high […]

Nov 12 2021
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A great panel

Last week I was lucky to be the moderator of a great event :Young Talent in Action. With 7 young people between 19 and 26 we reflected on 4 themes together with 8 experts. The input for the discussion were the results of the study “Bridging the future” that was looking on the matches and […]

Nov 5 2021
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To network or not to network …

Sometimes I wonder, how and where did I start to network? Was I a born networker? What was the moment I realized that spending time to connect with people is important , I am not sure I have the answer; however I think once you are connected you need to stay connected or deliberately deicide […]

Oct 29 2021
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Reading the game

When I watch a hockey game of my girls I am always impressed how you can see the difference between players. The way they are athletically looking and running on the field, the technical skills are very different from one player to the other. The eager to win, the team spirit, the communication on the […]

Oct 22 2021
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Whether we are born as good communicators or not, it should be part of our education. I am also convinced that we need to constantly evaluate our communication skills. We can all learn to communicate better based upon the situations we are in. The most important thing is to listen more, value others and respond […]

Oct 15 2021
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