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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog (in English). Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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I was interviewing a famous artist this week. After the interview we were talking about being famous and what it meant to him. It is something you do not realize when you start with expanding your passion sometimes, but when the audience likes what you do, you start to get followers and fans.  They very […]

Jun 2 2023
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What if?

When I was a teenager they already called me a rebel from time to time. It felt logical to use the word in the book I launched a year ago. I do not feel as if I have a unique position in our society, however I have to admit that I never wanted to “fit […]

May 26 2023
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Suyin in Paris

Excitement is what I feel. Not because it is my first time in Paris, I was there quite recently for business, but because Paris means a lot to me. I will be there next week for a personal brand shoot, say what? Indeed that sounds amazing, I recently saw (read binge watched) Emily in Paris. […]

May 19 2023
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Yesterday I made the good decision to ignore the traffic jams that Waze was indicating and I decided to go to the Alfons Fosburry Revisited event. The location where I launched my first book about 1 year ago. Not only did I see many great people back, I met some new people and I won […]

May 12 2023
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The crave

Do you also sometimes crave for a good drink, nice food, great sport sessions, good talks, amazing sex? Does that also give you that great feeling, dopamine scientists say? The same goes for me when I think of the word ‘curiosity’, I can have this craving for ‘the new, the unknown ‘ Maybe that is […]

May 5 2023
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Be someone

I had to change at the beginning of the week to attend an interview with Diane Von Furtsenberg.The Belgian born American design icon married into the German princely House of Fürstenberghe and is known as the creator of the famous wrap dress. In 1969 she married into the German princely House of Fürstenberg, as the […]

Apr 28 2023
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Mr Agility & Miss Curiosity

It is great to be surrounded by people from whom I get energy. In order to have enough time in my agenda this means I have to say goodbye to those that suck energy. For me it is about giving and taking in a relationship and if you are very honest with yourself some relations […]

Apr 21 2023
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A Question

After blogging for many years, most of my readers know that my tagline is “…because to get the right answers it is essential to ask the right questions”. This is my concern in every interview, but it is also a challenge I give myself, to deliberately ask myself questions on many things in life. It […]

Apr 14 2023
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