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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog. Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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Sharing is caring

But is that the reason we share things on social media? Why do we only post the “cool” things and most of the time hide the bad? Do we see those things as failures? I think failure should not change our core worth.  I recently read that in a study it showed that individuals who […]

Jul 3 2020
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If people like you, that is of course a very nice thing. But when you want to go far it is probably better when people are interested in you. Sometimes I notice people smiling at me but it feels manufactured and measured. They try to hard to please me it feels like a currency to […]

Jun 26 2020
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When the dust will settle are you ready to rise again as a Phoenix?

This is not the first storm I am in personally; I had my challenges as most of us people face a big wave from time to time. And every time I took this as an opportunity to change certain things but also to become more myself. When you go fast, you need to be agile […]

Jun 19 2020
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The trap

If there was a single answer about how to live, we would not be free. We would be trapped. Because then we would all have to live to that answer. Instead,we get to choose what we find important in our lives and to define ourselves in doing so. Is it not great to be able to […]

Jun 12 2020
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Run Forest Run

In 1994 the movie Forrest Gump started with a feather falling from the sky. A strong image for the dancer I was at that moment. Moving, light as a feather, on that stage was what they thought us. The key strength of a dancer however, in my opinion, is being agile, having a very strong […]

Jun 5 2020
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I do not have the time… I should make more time for this…. Nowadays it is more than only time-management to get the things done you need or want to get done. It is about attention and focus. We know, scientists have shown us, that our brain can only digest a certain number of information. […]

May 29 2020
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Even if you want to perform as a soloist you will have to admit there is always a team around you. If you work with a team hiring top talent is only one part of the equation as a team of all-stars does not automatically make an all-star team. To make the team successful you […]

May 22 2020
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The state of mind of a black swan

What are my thoughts on an anti-fragile state of mind and how can we create it?  Thanks Kim Indeherberg for the challenge to work with the topic touched upon earlier today by my dear friends Rik Vera and Peter Hinssen during an amazing inspiring Friday webinar. The idea of turning from “fragile” or “robust” into […]

May 15 2020
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