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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog (in English). Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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The last day …

Today is the last day I call myself “President”.…..or at least president of Artemis Brussel (a network for women) I remember the first day I became president of Artemis Brussel, my daughters asked were the country was I became President from 🙂 We speak 4 years ago, I do not know how many events, how […]

Jun 7 2019
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Busy? Busy? Busy?

What if you start with the important work to be done first, instead of jumping on the work that needs to be done… Why do we make certain things far more complicated, harder and more confusing then they are? Isn’t simple not exciting enough? We fall to often in the trap of doing those tasks […]

May 31 2019
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When you love the stage & the camera

I was very young when I discovered I really loved to be on stage. My first life on stage was as a dancer, expressing myself and my feelings true the story given by the choreographers. Hard work, perseverance, day after day, to be able to express what the choreographer wanted, with as an extra challenge […]

May 24 2019
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My unfair advantage?

Being in the media as a female entrepreneur, that is my unfair advantage! what is yours? We must encourage entrepreneurship from an early age. As far as I’m concerned starting in elementary school already. Because we are actually all entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs of our own lives. Jump, even before you have the feeling that you are […]

May 17 2019
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Problems….and goals

Before you attempt to solve a problem , instead of asking, “How can I solve this?”, ask yourself: Should I be tackling this? We live in a society that values hard work, but does the fact that something is difficult to master mean that it’s worth doing?  It’s true that things worth achieving are hard, but that doesn’t […]

May 10 2019
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You know that feeling? You feel like you are on top of the world, stepping out onto a stage, or hitting “publish” on a post. Then a disappointing email or a critical comment about your work sends you plunging into despair. Unfortunately, we can’t always control the outcomes of our efforts. But we better prepare […]

May 3 2019
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I had the great pleasure to host and moderate an event this week where altruism was put in the center of the evening. After sad stories on how young children between 10 and 20 years old sometimes struggle with the challenges of life and the remarkable work Ingrid De Jonghe is doing for them at […]

Apr 26 2019
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Broken trust…

I am sure you all remember that first time your trust was broken. I remember it very well and it did not happen once…it happened again. Even recently. Good business and personal relationships are based on trust.  We like to interact and do business with people we feel comfortable with and have some degree of […]

Apr 18 2019
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22 JAN 2019
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