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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog (in English). Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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Criticism plays a large role in our lives – from the bully who tells you that your nose is too large, to the kind teacher helping you perfect your essay, to even a concerned parent who wants you to aim just a bit higher. I can remember times when I have been offered biting criticism […]

Jul 26 2019
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A strategic habit.

Last week I wrote about setting goals if you really want to achieve something. And to surround yourself with professional people that will help you to eventually achieve your goal. And these achievements becomes a pattern in your life. It becomes a habit. But this is a very different type of habit than doing the same […]

Jul 19 2019
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About goals and desire

If you want to achieve something, everything starts by setting a realistic and specific goal. Something you really want to achieve, not something others want you to achieve. Your desire is where the faith starts. Because you need to have the faith you can reach the goal. Start by visualizing your goal, than make a […]

Jul 12 2019
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What does it take…

What does it take to become sucessfull in what you do? A lot of things but for sure you will have to make sacrifices. Every successful person I know makes sacrifices — Money, relationships, time, etc. It is those who dare sacrifice what they cherish most that will reap the fruit of their labour. By going outside […]

Jul 5 2019
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Today I share the press release of earlier this week. -scroll down for french- Start persbericht Eerste Belgische op ramkoers voor internationale WinTrade Awards in Londen Zaakvoerster en presentatrice #Suyin Aerts (45) topfavoriete Vrijdagavond 28 juni 2019 worden in het Park Plaza Hotel in Londen de prestigieuze WinTrade Awards uitgereikt. Deze jaarlijkse ‘Oscars’ voor vrouwelijke […]

Jun 28 2019
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Do what you love & Love what you do.

Waking up and feeling truly grateful to do what you do is the reward. That can’t be bought. Most of us have careers that last almost 50 years. That’s a significant part of life. What you do for a living takes up a big part of your life, and it should be more than just […]

Jun 28 2019
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An award?

I just booked my ticket and reserved my hotel to attent the final event in London, where the winners of the WINTRADE Award will be announced next Friday. And I am already very proud to be one of the finalist in the category “Women in Media” Of course I want to win! Maybe strange…or normal? […]

Jun 21 2019
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I realize that I have always been the curious kind. Looking at things differently, with an open mind & from new perspectives. I also dare to ask people to explain me things, if talk talk about something I do not know. Funny situation when the people using the buzz words are incapabele to explain you. […]

Jun 13 2019
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22 JAN 2019
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