Ce que je pense !

Réflexions du vendredi de Suyin

Chaque vendredi, je partage mes pensées dans mon blog hebdomadaire (en anglais) avant de plonger dans le week-end. Des choses qui m'ont touchées, des choses que j'ai apprises, des personnes que j'ai rencontrées, des défis que j'ai relevés, des opportunités que je vois, des rêves que j'essaie de décrire.

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Hide and seek

We all know that game of hide and seek we play with ourselves and the truth. Would our world work and would we get along with each other if we would not have the possibilities of those half-truths? And would we be able to cope with our own life in the first place ? But […]

Oct 18 2019
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A compassionate leader

Last week I was present on the book launch of Jan Vermeiren’s new book ‘the compassionate leader’. I remember Jan as the man that convinced me many years ago that networking is very valuable and that being present on LinkedIn is a must do as an entrepreneur. It was interesting to see this man again […]

Oct 11 2019
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Reading and series

I remember those days, I had the time to read. I remember the feeling to be completely lost in a book, wanting to know what was going to happen next. Mostly fiction of course, just for the fun of reading, the pleasure to read a well written book, a book with a great story, with […]

Oct 4 2019
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I do not like to fit in.

“The ones who make it onto our radar, the ones who made an impact, have chosen to live a life of standing out, not fitting in.” -Seth Godin We all know people who have a unique position in society. People who, either by choice or by force, are different. People who do not “fit in” […]

Sep 27 2019
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Don’t only think it, Do it

You can’t be a writer, if you don’t write. You can’t be a cook, if you never cook. You can’t be an athlete, if you never train. So stop journaling on your perfect life and dreaming about your ideal world. Achieving goals is not exactly rocket science. It is about showing up with a focus on what you want to reach. So […]

Sep 20 2019
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The right minority

I do have different role models, but Oprah Winfrey for sure is one of them. You can find many great things online she said. I once watched an interview with her were she stated she had the luck to be part of the right minority when she first came on TV. In that same interview […]

Sep 13 2019
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Deontology vs CSR

I had the pleasure to be the ‘Master of Interaction’ on the CxO event 2019, in the beginning of the week in Brussels. The C-level managers in the room got different cases to solve together and at a certain moment they were asked to think about CSR and how a facility company could help their […]

Sep 6 2019
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Chef Planning

That is what my partner tells friends that want to pick a date to meet up: “call the chef planning”, and that chef is me. Can I not live without a plan, can I not present an event and moderate a debate without a plan, can I not film an episode without being prepared and […]

Aug 30 2019
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