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Réflexions du vendredi de Suyin

Chaque vendredi, je partage mes pensées dans mon blog hebdomadaire (en anglais) avant de plonger dans le week-end. Des choses qui m'ont touchées, des choses que j'ai apprises, des personnes que j'ai rencontrées, des défis que j'ai relevés, des opportunités que je vois, des rêves que j'essaie de décrire.

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I remember very well the first time I heard this word, I did not have a clue what it meant…Expected Time of Arrival…if only life was that easy. The first one giving me his ETA, was an ex paratrooper. They have to be precise. And I can tell you when they are no longer in […]

Dec 13 2019
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Small becomes big

A lot of people say that small things repeated consistently turn into big things. And indeed if you don’t pay attention to your life on a daily basis, it will absolutely drift in directions you may not like. And we all have a mind, a body and thoughts. And very often where your thoughts go […]

Dec 6 2019
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The problem with taking ourselves too seriously is that we look for approval . We allow people to become our judges. When you convince yourself that the world is a stage, you become an actor who must perform to please. That mindset can make the rest of your life miserable. Living our lives as an […]

Nov 29 2019
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Some years ago we made this picture comparing our children eyes with ours. If I had known …. On a Sunday night one year ago I looked you in the eyes and we kissed goodnight….If I had known …. On a Monday morning exactly one year ago I noticed we forgot to blow the candle […]

Nov 22 2019
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The first impression

We all know we only get one chance to make a first impression. Whether in business or in any other context. But to not forget that when you made that great first impression and you promised something you have to deliver it. Even if it was a small commitment (sending the title of a book), […]

Nov 15 2019
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Networking but..

Yes I am convinced that networking is part of the game. But networking should not become the game. A pity when I see people having certain jobs that are actually not having the right skills to be were they are. And off course we need to help others and introduce them to people in our […]

Nov 8 2019
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The power of internet

Knowledge is power, we know that, and we are all eager to learn new things. And now we have the internet, so basically every knowledge is a click away. But we must understand that our social media feed, and probably every search, starts only feeding us with the food we like. So is that the […]

Nov 1 2019
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Power…and sexiness

I was reading a very interesting article this week in Charlie : an interview with Hans Maes about his new book : “what is sexy”. The interview was done by Sarah Van Looy, and Hans gives some very pertinent remarks on the big differences on when a man and woman are perceived as sexy. He […]

Oct 25 2019
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