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Every Friday before diving into the weekend I share my thoughts in my weekly blog. Things that touched me, stuff I learned, people I met, challenges I faced, opportunities I see, dreams I try to put in words.

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Even if you want to perform as a soloist you will have to admit there is always a team around you. If you work with a team hiring top talent is only one part of the equation as a team of all-stars does not automatically make an all-star team. To make the team successful you […]

May 22 2020
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The state of mind of a black swan

What are my thoughts on an anti-fragile state of mind and how can we create it?  Thanks Kim Indeherberg for the challenge to work with the topic touched upon earlier today by my dear friends Rik Vera and Peter Hinssen during an amazing inspiring Friday webinar. The idea of turning from “fragile” or “robust” into […]

May 15 2020
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Be brave

We all know the feeling, sudden change, outside our reach, disruption is in the house. What if everything turns out just right because you reacted calmly. It is what I felt when I had my stroke some years ago. First thing that I thought was, will I see my children again?  Being a mother, with […]

May 8 2020
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How responsible did you act these past weeks? A lot of decisions to make as a person, a partner, a parent, a team leader, a business owner. But it is in these difficult and strange times that people can make a difference. How authentic were your thoughts the past weeks and how did you communicate […]

May 1 2020
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Stability & Flexibility

To be able to adapt more efficiently in the changing world we are in at the moment, we need to think of a way to combine stability and flexibility. It will be important to think about what we pick these days to learn from. As always deliberately learning accelerates our learning process and in our […]

Apr 24 2020
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A rebel

I was about 16 years old combining my studies in highschool with my semi-professional education as a dancer when my boyfriend at that time started to call me ‘rebel’. I kind of liked that nickname as it sounded positive to me. Knowing that a rebel is sometimes perceived as someone being against the rules. I […]

Apr 17 2020
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Think twice & bring your heart.

Having the courage to use your own understanding, is the motto of enlightenment and a long time ago we were not suposed to think by ourselves. I could not imagine living in times like those. To me it seems logic, this process of thinking, knowing and understanding the things I do and decisions I make. […]

Apr 10 2020
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A productivity plan

Probably this habit comes from when I was very young and combining  going to school with very intensive dancing classes. Every day was about studying and training. To be able to keep up with the school work planning was crucial because a day without dancing was not an option. So a productivity plan came in at a very young age and became […]

Apr 3 2020
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