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Suyin's vrijdag-gedachten

Elke vrijdag, voor ik het weekend induik, deel ik mijn gedachten in mijn wekelijkse blog (in het Engels). Dingen die me geraakt hebben, dingen die ik geleerd heb, mensen die ik ontmoet heb, uitdagingen die ik tegenkom, kansen die ik zie, dromen die ik onder woorden probeer te brengen.

Meld je aan voor mijn nieuwsbrief om op de hoogte te blijven van mijn levenswandel.

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Talking with signs and why rhythm is key.

During a recent trip to Moldavia, I had the pleasure to meet with a couple that was deaf and dumb. It was amazing to see how well they communicated together even without any word being said. It was also very special to talk with both of them and I was very surprised I was quit […]

Aug 31 2018
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People are puzzles….

Children change. Adults change. People change. We’re awfully big puzzles. It takes a long time to turn over all our pieces, let alone to figure out where they’re meant to go. Sometimes, the pieces that felt like edges and endings are just an unusual way to connect to something more. Too many of us set […]

Aug 24 2018
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The best marketing isn’t marketing.

If you want to stand out and have people remember you, then you have to show some sort of emotion. Your efforts should aim to be both timely and timeless, in the sense that what resonates today should still be able to resonate with people further down the road. Before you even begin thinking about […]

Aug 17 2018
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Stop trying to become the next Oprah Winfrey….

  When she stood on stage at the Golden Globes in January 2018 proclaiming  “a new day has come” Oprah became the leading charge for the #metoo and #timesup movements. I recently read an article on her where she said: ” I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten star-struck or get star-struck because I tend to […]

Aug 10 2018
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What if conflicts were a gift?

Yes conflicts also arise in performant teams with authentic leaders, but they are a sign of life, they arise when people actually think about their work. They are actually gifts, because people who think will always differ from each other, and so if they find it important to share their opinion with passion, then that […]

Aug 2 2018
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An image is worth a thousand words

This is what we claim in the company I manage with my partner. We help clients to air their views. I do this personally both literally and figuratively actually. Literately as what we do at X-Treme Creations is making visual communication material for our clients, we do this by using inflatables(we also combine this with […]

Jul 27 2018
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Some decisions are forever, …

…but a lot of decisions are just a step towards a happy life. It is important to make decisions and you have to accept you are never sure about any decision whether it will be the correct decisions until you make it and life it. But not taking a decision is the worst decision 🙂 […]

Jul 20 2018
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Share your work in progress with the team

As a trained Project Manager I came to the conclusion already during my studies that every projects stand or falls with the people working together on the project and the way they communicate with each other. But to fonction as a team you should get used to share your work in progress with each other […]

Jul 13 2018
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