Wat ik denk!

Suyin's vrijdag-gedachten

Elke vrijdag, voor ik het weekend induik, deel ik mijn gedachten in mijn wekelijkse blog (in het Engels). Dingen die me geraakt hebben, dingen die ik geleerd heb, mensen die ik ontmoet heb, uitdagingen die ik tegenkom, kansen die ik zie, dromen die ik onder woorden probeer te brengen.

Meld je aan voor mijn nieuwsbrief om op de hoogte te blijven van mijn levenswandel.

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What helps me to speak up? Listening!

We tend to value speaking over the ability to listen — particularly in leadership positions. But when you listen carefully, you have the opportunity to gain new perspectives and learn the things you don’t know you don’t know. Sometimes we are listening but not fully connecting. For example, we don’t notice nonverbal cues, like energy and body language. We […]

Feb 15 2019
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What about the friends you met after 40?

Did you meet some of your real friends after 40? Or are it all surface friends? I believe personal standards on what friendship can be and could become change with age. So that means you will lose some friends that you thought you were going to have forever. And that means you have to admit […]

Feb 7 2019
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Does the future just happens?

I believe the future doesn’t just happen — we shape it every day. And January is that month of the year to look ahead, to make some professional and some personal goals.  And when you run a company that is a challenge. What are the opportunities and what are the risks?  To look 1 year ahead seems impossible, […]

Feb 1 2019
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Knowledge is power


Jan 25 2019
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Female leadership…

The question I ask myself lately is whether female leadership differs from male leadership? Let me start by sharing my idea that I think we are not born as a leader, we decide to become a leader, we decide to take the responsibility to lead. At least that is what I think, until someone proves […]

Jan 17 2019
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Did you ever recycle an idea?

I was wandering on the internet and I came across a very interesting article. What if you would go into your files and recycle some of your old ideas? Why did I not think about that that before? I have drafts in many places! In little booklets I always carry with me in my bag, […]

Jan 11 2019
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Your audience is never everybody.

A new year, new resolutions, a lot of dreams that we all want to become reality, but how on earth do we make our dreams come true? If only we could have a one-size-fits-all solution to make it all work. Overnight success does simple not exist I think, it is weeks, months and sometimes years […]

Jan 4 2019
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The elevator.

Most people and especially entrepreneurs are letting themselves down with their elevator pitch because they don’t know their value proposition or who it is for. They just rush out a couple of lines to introduce themselves, and forget the importance of tailoring it in length and substance for the current context. Others just fail to […]

Dec 28 2018
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